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L’ADN du e-commerce à l’échelle mondiale signifie que les marques et les entreprises doivent rester flexibles et s’adapter aux évolutions de l’arène de l’e-market afin de rester au top sur le long terme.

L’adoption rapide de nouvelles technologies et d’innovations dans l’écosystème du commerce électronique a facilité et permis aux détaillants et aux consommateurs qui sont parties prenantes d’atteindre la même longueur d’onde concernant la manière dont les biens et les services sont payé.

Dans un avenir prévisible, les nouvelles technologies, les réglementations et les changements de comportement des consommateurs continueront de redéfinir l’expérience du commerce électronique.

Des études montrent…

People around the World have spent months and months in quarantine trying to practice social distancing. It is clearly difficult nowadays to avoid crowded places as the entire World slowly opens up for business.

There is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm that can detect social distancing practices. Hence, helping the public to keep minimal distances in public places.

COVID-19 Pandemic has posed a huge impact on social activities in the past few months. Everyone’s hope is that things return to as normal as they were before in the near future. Could AI prove to be useful in assessing social distance practices in public gatherings? Find in the reference below an article that describes how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used to detect social distancing practices in public areas.



You have to lose yourself to find your self
“You have to lose your self to find your greater self” (This picture depicts a random golf ball lying in the middle of a golf course)

In this World sometimes “losing your self “ is a vital step to “finding your greater self”.

Here are a few steps to finding your self :

  • Getting out of your comfort zone is a fundamental step to take.
  • Doing more of what you like is a great step towards finding your true self.
  • One has to take small steps while they figure out and narrow in on certain goals they feel best fit their passion.
  • Self acceptance is equally important on this Journey.
  • Staying health by participating in sporting activities such as jogging, badminton, yoga, volley ball, swimming etc

Object detection is a subfield of AI. Object detection algorithms identifies and tracks objects in videos or images. In AI, Object detection infers to the ability of a computer software to recognize an object in a video/image scene.

Application of Object detection In AI

  • Vehicle detection
  • Self-driving cars
  • Face recognition/detection
  • Counting systemes (crowd, pedestrians, fans etc)

I will give a step by step implementation of an object recognition algorithm.


Install all the deep learning dependencies such as tensorflow-gpu==1.15.0 which are necessary for the implementation.

  • tensorflow-gpu==1.15.0
  • keras
  • imageai (2.0.2 ) etc


We used the Yolo-tiny.h5 as the model type for a…

Graphic processing units (GPU’s) have reached a high level in parallel computing where they allow efficient manipulations of large data. The use of graphic processing units (GPU’s) is more efficient than the central processing units (CPU’s) for algorithms that process mega volumes of data.

Knowing that machine learning and deep learning processes large volumes of data. Therefore, the use of GPU’s becomes a necessity. In simple terms, we can give a practical example of a rope tied to a horse for which the rope is a machine learning/deep learning algorithm used to pull a set of loads and the horse…

Nature has inspired great innovations known today. We have all been inspired to learn and apply nature driven designs that provide sustainable solutions for a balanced ecosystem. A few weeks ago I spent some time observing a spider weaving its web. I was very perplexed by its artistry and by the way it kept spinning the silk as it built the web. Fun fact is that, the fabric of the spiders silk is at least five times stronger than the steel metal of similar diameter. In addition, it could be very interesting to investigate the structural properties of the extraordinary…

Lane detection algorithm

In this technological era as many AI experts and Tech companies have continuously made great strides towards the improvement of intelligent transport systems using AI algorithms to achieve accurate lane mark and object detection. Is the World really ready for a fully autonomous transport system?

I will dive directly into a simple lane detection algorithm using OpenCV. The sample code source can be found at: https://github.com/Jonathan-WS/self_driving_cars

In this simple lane detection algorithm, we can find functions allowing us to do the following: Grayscale conversion and canny edge detection of an input image, cropping to a region of interest in an…

What are the statistics telling us ?

As I embarked on my routine morning jogging. It’s astonishing to see how empty the streets have become in Marseille. But astonishingly how beautiful the weather is as the gleam of the sun penetrated through the Boulevard of Baille. The sun ascending higher and higher scattering its rays in glorious triumph as I noticed, “the weather was very good today”. Could this be a sign of better days ahead of us? Noticing the fragrance of the flowers in the vicinity of the Boulevard drifted over faintly and the sun shone brightly. The street…

Could AI help during the fight against the novel COVID-19 pandemic?

How best could AI be used to help in the fight against the novel Covid-19 pandemic? During this time of the year were the spread of the novel Covid-19 is so sporadic, how best could technology be used to curb the vice. I believe its high time that all the stake holders especially those in the tech or scientific World came together to find a lasting solution to this vice. This message is directed to every AI enthusiast to collaborate with everyone working to find a durable solution to…

Jonathan Waka Simpungwe

Deep Learning/Machine Learning Enthusiast/R&D Engineer

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